How do you estimate the cost of CAT-tool file preparation?

Sometimes the client wants a quick answer and you have no time to wait for a quote. For such cases, we have prepared a guide that will help you quickly estimate the cost of PDF to DOCX conversion depending on file complexity.

For convenience, we've identified 3 levels of file complexity. Below you'll find illustrative examples with price per page and rate.
Simple €1.88 or $2.24 per page
Output: 8 pages per hour
Medium complexity €2.50 or $2.98 per page
Output: 6 pages per hour
Complex €3.75 or $4.46 per page
Output: 4 pages per hour
Please note that the approach to calculation described above is a simplified model of how we calculate it, and the actual project cost may differ. To get an accurate calculation, please send us a quote request. Images and diagrams with text printed on them, as well as low quality scans are calculated individually.
Just to remind you, we work with all European and Cyrillic languages.
We don't work with Chinese, Arabic, and Hebrew.
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